My review of The Visitor, C D’Angelo

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Here’s my review of The Visitor, C D’Angelo

Having enjoyed The Difference, I was more than happy to be an ‘ahead reviewer’ for C D’Angelo’s new book, The Visitor. And she’s presented us with another charming and highly readable tale. Her Italian heritage shines through once more (and the food is again scrumptious sounding), but all in a very different story.
Mary Pontrelli is happy with her life, until her landlords decide to sell the old New Orleans building in which she lives and where she has her New Age shop. Worse, they sell to a developer who plans on knocking the whole thing down. Worse still, the developer’s representative is Mary’s high school sweetheart who left her partnerless at the prom.

The Visitor: A Novel by [C. D'Angelo]
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Could things go further downhill? Possibly, but when an elderly lady visits Mary’s store and befriends her, surprising revelations are made which may or may not help resolve all of Mary’s difficulties.

Excellent, relatable characters including the supporting cast of friends, colleagues and fellow renters, a ‘will they, won’t they?’ theme (and do we want them to!), with some fascinating history thrown in, this is a book for settling down by the pool on summer vacation and letting D’Angelo take you to New Orleans–or even Sicily.  Highly recommended.