To quote from the Acknowledgments in Keepers:

People say a writer’s life is a lonely life. For me, it’s the opposite. My writing has brought me many new and wonderful friends, among them many fellow writers.

Which is why I chose to include an author interview in By the Letter. Enjoy meeting these people behind the books you enjoy! (And to hear from other authors, click on the subscribe button below.)

June’s newsletter features fantasy author Leia Talon.

Not every fantasy author can say their book is sold in the castle where much of the story is set. Leia can … find out more here!

For my May newsletter I interviewed poet, novelist, and playwright Karen Honnor.

Karen’s work is very personal and much of it has connected deeply with her readers and, through them, others in the community. Read her interview here.

My April newsletter carried an interview with historical fiction author, Emma Lombard.

Emma was eleven when she started writing her first novel, and at age fourteen submitted her draft to the editor of a big publishing house. Although rejected, the editor was encouraging and Emma’s writing journey has gone a long way since then. Read Emma’s interview here.

My March (and first) interview was with English poet, Lily Lawson. I met Lily via Twitter’s wonderful, supportive #writingcommunity and we have become firm, if virtual, friends. In 2020 Lily published two slim poetry volumes.  In this interview, she talks openly and from the heart about life and poetry, and her very exciting plans for the future. Read Lily’s interview here. 

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