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Cheryl Burman hails from Australia – an Adelaide girl originally before going off to university. She moved to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK via Switzerland and Surrey, in 2008. She’s glad she did! The Forest has inspired writers, including Tolkien, for generations. It’s still doing so.
Cheryl likes to switch focus from time to time so brands herself a multi-genre author, that is, she writes what she feels like. She began with fantasy for the middle graders (books the mums, dads, grannies etc also enjoy) moved to historical fiction and is currently working on a magical realism novel. You can find all her books here and backgrounds to them elsewhere on this site.
The greatest pleasure she receives from her writing is when people tell her: ‘I loved your book.’ It gets even better if they leave a review saying so!

And other things too…

Cheryl also ventures into short stories and flash fiction. Some of these pieces, together with novel opening chapters, have won prizes and commendations. Take a look here to read (and in some cases, listen to) a selection of flash fiction. Dragon Gift , her slim collection of stories with myths or fairytale themes includes several prize winners. The eBook is free when you subscribe to Cheryl’s newsletter – see below!

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Cheryl is married with two grown children, and is slave to a border collie who has published his own book, Sammy’s Walks – highly rated by locals and visitors to the Forest alike, and their dogs.

To get the full story

If you’re interested in the longer version of how Cheryl came to write, go here to Elaine Carnegie’s blog post where she was kindly allowed to write about herself in some detail (what a temptation!). And for an insight into a writer’s life, check out her interview with Vince Stevenson of Boomers on Books on the Look and Listen page. Much fun!

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The rest of the writing life

Writing may be a lonely process, but writers need the support of other writers. Being a member of Dean Writers Circle has given Cheryl that support, and her writing has improved tremendously since sharing with and learning from the group. She has also found brilliant support and made wonderful friends via Twitter’s #writingcommunity.

Keen to ensure the next generation of Forest writers, she is a founder of Dean Scribblers, a small group of volunteers whose aim is to encourage the creative writing spark in young people in their community. Spending time with kids in classrooms is brilliant, and she has seen some imaginative and emotive work from 10 and 11 year olds and younger.

Cheryl is also on Goodreads, BookBub, AllAuthor and is a member of the Independent Authors Network (IAN)
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