My border collie, Sammy, is an author too – well, possibly more an editor. Living in the Forest of Dean is doggy paradise and Sammy and I take advantage of that. But when we first moved here, it was hard to find out where the best walks were or even what walks would get you back to your car or home before dark or before the barriers closed for the night. We got lost, several times, with one hour walks turning into two or three. So when, a few years and many learnings later, my husband suggested I write a book of dog walks, I knew exactly who my target audience would be. Sammy’s Walks has been in print since 2013, has undergone five revisions and is a steady seller. Buy direct or on Amazon.
Meanwhile, here are some of our pictures of the Forest at different times of the year.

(I hope it’s clear from the pictures how important it is that people can freely access our wonderful public forests – and take their rubbish home too please. )

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