When a warlord invades their Forest home, Callie, Gwen & Mark find allies in unexpected places.
The Guardian is dead, her successor a mere baby.
The wild creatures will fight, but will the son of the destroyer betray his father to join them?
Guardians of the Forest: a fantasy trilogy for ages 9 and up, and up

The prequel, Legend of the Winged Lion, is now available!
You can read the Prologue here, an extract here, or get the whole book here.

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Read this blog post to learn how a real life battle to save our forests led me to write Guardians of the Forest

Book One cover The Wild Army

‘Good and evil lurks around each twist and turn, and the characters live and breathe on every page.’

Book One
Callie’s forest rings to the thwack of enemy axes. Her people are trapped. Their leaders scoff at her warnings of the Danae’s fate at the hands of the invaders. The wild creatures will fight, but will Tristan, the destroyer’s son, fight with them?

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Book Two cover Quests

‘Finished this one within 24 hours … it’s very engaging.’ 
‘Just as gripping as the first book’

Book Two
Gwen and Mark battle wolves, robbers & the dangers of the Deep Forest in their quest for the Sleih. And where is their lost sister, Lucy? Did she fall foul of the Madach robbers too? But all will be for nothing if the ambitious Seer, Lady Melda finds Gwen and Mark first.

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Book three cover, Gryphon Magic

‘I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what happened.’
‘Twists and turns aplenty.’

Book Three
Callie’s wild army harasses the invading Madach. Lady Melda plots to steal Gwen’s powerful gryphon pendant. Gwen, Mark & Lucy hurry home with the Sleih rescuers – only to find desolation. Can gryphon magic save the Danae, and the Forest?

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Adults love them too!

‘My granddaughter and I have read all three books because we just had to know how the story was going to end. We were not disappointed. Thoroughly recommend for anyone, young or old who loves fantasy and a gripping story.’
Amazon UK 5-star review 7 Oct 2020
‘I loved them, and know several of my students who will too – I’ve let their parents know. And I’ve bought a set for my school library. Great books.’
Nov 2020 Elementary school teacher, Ohio.

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Guardians of the Forest

Read ‘Gryphons and Treasure’ – an extract from The Wild Army here
Read ‘Starlight and eagles’ – an extract from Quests here
And ‘Who woke the magic?’ – an extract from Gryphon Magic here