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What can you expect from ‘By the letter’?

‘I save your newsletter for weekend reading. ‘
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It’s not just news about my latest book or how the current project(s) are going.
New stories and flash fiction are shared in my newsletter first and sometimes exclusively, as well as talking about the kind of books I love to read.
Then there are the authors I interview whose work is likely to appeal to you.
I also know many people are interested in what’s behind the novels and the stories. Sharing my research is a way to help me do this for readers. Especially when we’re talking exotic places like Australia or the 19th century (whatever country).
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Sammy on a forest path

What does Sammy and a Forest path have to do with it?

For me, it’s a metaphor for the life of a writer – moving forward, along a path mostly bordered by an inspirational landscape, mostly fun.

But you never quite know just what’s around the corner – a sweep of bluebells, an antlered stag, or an angry mama wild boar!

This short collection of myth & fairytale themed stories, many of them prize-winning, was my August giveaway to existing newsletter subscribers,
but it’s only 99c/99p on Amazon.

‘…stories that touch on the whimsical and haunting, the heart warming and gut-wrenching.’ Goodreads review

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