My review of Labours of Stone by EM Harding

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Here’s my review of Labours of Stone, EM Harding

A delightfully different book.

Ephra Stone is stuck writing romance novels forever, under the thumb of his fluorescent pink suit wearing publisher who does very well out of Ephra’s work. Trouble is, Ephra hates the cliched rubbish he has to force out, made worse because he himself has never experienced love. Ephra is deeply unhappy with no way out of his dilemma.

Cover of Labours of stone

That is, until the day Ron literally falls into his arms and life. To Ephra’s total disbelief Ron, with his godlike features, his equable temperament and his apparently bottomless wealth, appears to return Ephra’s feelings. Sticks, Ron’s unusual pet, also likes Ephra.

Happy ever after, the end? No way! There are of course many obstacles in the path of true love and eternal happiness, but, dear reader, you’re unlikely to have come across these particular ones.

Ephra is a complex character–for very good reasons–and I was both rooting for him and wanting to shake him for his often self-destructive behaviour. Ron is just plain cute and the evil publisher, well …

A book of surprises, beautifully written, and very clever. I loved it for all these things, but mostly for its compassionate humour. Something which stretches my brain and also makes me smile will always be a worthy five stars.

Labours of Stone is available to buy here.