Notebook Mysteries-Emma Kimberly Mullins

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Here’s my review of Notebook Mysteries – Emma by Kimberly Mullins

Book 1 of the series, released in March 2021, now with six more books out there. Ms Mullins doesn’t muck about!

Emma is a delightful romp with feisty sixteen-year-old Emma, who has learned all kinds of handy skills – like knife throwing and how to free herself from being tied up – since the ‘incident’. When Emma decides to turn investigator, her keen observation skills bring to light some terrible crimes and sad secrets, and earn her the wrath of a big crime boss.

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But who can Emma trust, and who is playing two sides of the law? And what really did happen to her mama who died on the night of the Chicago fire? Emma has a supporting cast of well drawn characters, including her indulgent Papa and the two spinster ladies with ‘interesting’ backgrounds. In addition to all the excitement, you get several very delicious sounding recipes, all of which Emma bakes for the family bakery business. A fun, fast-moving story.

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