Writing prompt: ‘Head high, she swept out of the room …’

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Head high, she swept out of the room. A second later, head even higher, she swept back in, snatched up the money and was gone again.

Jenny glanced at Peter, a smirk on her postbox-red lips. ‘I knew she’d take the money.’ She saluted him with her champagne flute. ‘So much for the holier-than-thou attitude.’

Peter returned the smirk. ‘We’ve got her now. Bound to us forever.’

Yeah.’ Jenny set down the flute on the glass-topped table and leaned into Peter’s broad chest. ‘Her rich, la-di-da friends will never suspect one of their own,’ she whispered, ‘and we’re set for life, my love.’

woman with head held high

In the hallway, Juno listened, heart pumping. One hand clenched the fold of bills. The fingers of the other twitched, eager to reach for her hidden gun.

She closed her eyes, let her breathing settle. No, not yet. Fun – and wealth – to be had first.

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