Writing prompt: picture prompt

Join in my daily writing prompt! I don’t promise to respond to them all myself, but will try my best! Mine are posted the following day.

man walking away along snowy track, through woods. A wooden bridge in the foreground. Sunset.

The house was well behind him. Only the crunch of his boots pressing into the swept ice of the track distracted from the silence which embraced him. His breath misted before his staring eyes – hazy plumes of white, wet, cold smoke.

Not the hot, grey smoke of the fire which billowed above red gold flames. He had stood on the white lawn, watching, listening. The roaring whoosh drowned any other sound. The smoke, the flames, hid any other movement.

Now he walked away into a silver pink sunset. Leave others to find what once had been. The house. The people.

Loneliness was his future. Him, by himself, no one else to share space with. The crowded loneliness of his past was scoured clean by heat. His staring eyes blinked, discarding memory in a wash of tears.

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