Writing Prompt: ‘Half the names on the list ….’

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‘Half the names on the list had already been crossed off.’

The stranger’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. Hannah had noticed the grimness of the man’s smile when he passed her as she returned from the dairy. He had been riding slowly through the mud of the rutted track, accompanied by another who carried a leather satchel.

Not many moments had passed before Abigail scurried through Hannah’s open front door, skirts rustling in their haste to pass the gossip on. Hannah stopped her sweeping. Her heart faltered at the triumph in her neighbour’s gaze.

‘Have you seen him?’ Abigail’s full chest rose and fell.

‘Seen him?’

‘The stranger, with the tall hat and the clerk.’  Abigail’s cheeks were flushed.

‘Yes.’ Fear twisted itself into a cold knot in Hannah’s gut.

‘The Witchfinder General.’ Abigail leaned close, whispered. ‘He has a list, and half the names are already crossed off.’ She stared into Hannah’s frightened eyes, her voice venomous. ‘And I wager your name is among the other half.’

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  1. Ok thats good, Can I add the test please, So a musician was practicing a flute, in his house like he always did! It was a grey winters day, but warm in the house! He suddenly notice a moth out the corner of his eye, fluting up and down the window, not sure which way to go! So he stopped and went down stairs for a coffee, as he was standing in the kitchen, he felt as if a ghost had past by behind him, and he remembered that some people had said that a ghost had appeared to them in the past, as it was a big old building divided up.

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