My review of The Stars Will Guide Us Back, Rue Sparks

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Here’s my review of The Stars Will Guide Us Back, Rue Sparks

The imagination of Rue Sparks is matched only by the quality of their writing, which allows us poor readers to share the vividness of their creative brain. I can’t tell you all the details of these thirteen stories, because they have melded into a kaleidoscope of colour and emotion in my head. What stands out is the depth of that emotion – from the ‘freedom fighter’ who realises their humanity, through to the jellyfish expert putting all at jeopardy for the sake of his husband and – of course – Caleb and Daisy. There’s some gorgeous humour here too, for example in The Wild, where Clay’s sudden ability to see into the depths of his colleagues’ souls at long-buried life wishes combines what’s almost slapstick with some real life truths.

cover for the stars will guide us back
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I will need to dip into this slim volume over and over to indulge myself thoroughly in its multi-layered richness. A book to keep on the bedside table, to cherish anytime, but especially those moments when you really need to get outside yourself and feel the magic in the world.

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