Murdered by the Books Jodi Casstevens Short

A debut which leaves you waiting eagerly for the next in series!

Jillian’s dream of opening her own children’s book store in her home town of Willow Springs is finally achieved. It’s opening night, the party’s been great, and there’s everything to look forward to when the shop is open for business the next day.

Murdered by the Books cover

But then her friend Maggie is knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver right outside her door, setting in motion a quest for the murderer, and the motive. Jilly’s search for the truth puts her own life in danger despite the increasingly desperate measures handsome firefighter Travis takes to protect her.

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A race against time, red herrings all over, loveable characters (including the two dogs), romance, and a Miss Marple like intricate plot line which gives you a satisfactory, Ah yes, of course, at the end. What else does a reader need in a cosy mystery?

Highly recommend.

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5 thoughts on “Murdered by the Books Jodi Casstevens Short”

    1. Oh yes – haven’t you watched any of those TV series? Good, light watching and a puzzle to work out whodunnit.

      1. Yes I’ve seen both. Most enjoyable. Just love the term light murders. After all murder is murder light or otherwise 😂

  1. Sounds like her books would be very interesting. Reminds me a little of Father Brown mysteries or that series Harry Wild starring Jane Seymour. At least I think it’s a series. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes earlier this week. You certainly have met some fascinating characters since you began writing your books on Sammys Walks 😀

    1. Cosy mysteries are very Miss Marple like, or the ITV series Midsomer Murders. Light murder!

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