I waited quite a while to see if he had anything more to say

My mind is currently on dull to do lists (like updating the front and back pages of my other novels) while I get the new book organised for pre-order. I decided to give the AI a chance on this prompt, and honestly, it’s not bad at all. Gulp … I haven’t forgotten Janet and the parking lot though.

In the quiet of the cafe, I sat across from him, the weight of unspoken words hanging in the air. He glanced down, stirring his coffee absentmindedly, as if searching for the right words among the swirling patterns. I waited, my heart beating a steady rhythm of anticipation and uncertainty.

I waited quite a while ...couple in cafe

Minutes stretched into an eternity as the silence between us grew thicker, punctuated only by the soft murmur of surrounding conversations. I watched his expression closely, hoping for any sign of what lay hidden behind his guarded facade.

Finally, he looked up, meeting my gaze with a mixture of resignation and vulnerability.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice barely audible above the gentle hum of the cafe. “I just don’t know how to say it.”

I reached out, my hand finding his across the table, offering silent support and understanding. We sat there for a while longer, enveloped in a shared moment of unspoken connection.

As the afternoon sun streamed through the windows, casting long shadows across the table, I realized that sometimes words were not necessary. Sometimes, it was enough to simply be there, to listen and to wait.

I waited quite a while to see if he had anything more to say, but in the end, his silence spoke volumes, and I knew that was all I needed to hear.

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  1. Not quite sure where this is going but no doubt all will be revealed in the next episode 😂

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