Six key take-aways for successful blogging

I recently attended Jane Friedman’s webinar on blogging, to see how to do it better. Here are my six key take-aways

1. Know your target audience – research the needs and interests of the people likely to be also interested in your book and blog about those things (sounds obvious but how often do we blog about what’s of interest to us, ie ourselves … guilty as charged)

2. It’s a long term and full-on investment. Jane says blog every day … wow!

3. Own your own voice and have an opinion! (No problem there)

4. Variety – interviews, Q&As, challenges, your reading list, how you research etc …

5. Layout is key to retain interest – lots of white space

6. Use visuals – so here’s one for you!

Photo credit: itsmeritesh on / CC BY-SA

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