Six key take-aways for successful blogging – a year later

These six key take-aways for successful blogging came out of a Jane Friedman webinar I attended. I thought it would be a good discipline to do a review almost a year later and see how I’ve been going.

1. Know your target audience

Research the needs and interests of the people likely to be also interested in your book and blog about those things. Sounds obvious but how often do we blog about what’s of interest to us, ie ourselves … guilty as charged). Here’s an example of research I did for Keepers, which was of interest to those with an historical bent. I included it in my newsletter so that might count, but this is an area for ongoing improvement.

2. It’s a long term and full-on investment

Jane says blog every day … wow! Still wow!

3. Own your own voice and have an opinion!

No problem there. I do this in my writers’ corner blogs in my newsletter, and these posts are well received. Take a look here and browse past ones to check them out, including on story endings, dialogue, Deep POV and other craft topics.

4. Variety

Interviews, Q&As, challenges, your reading list, how you research etc … These mostly start in my newsletter and then stay on my website. My guest authors tell their stories here, and here are the books I read.

5. Layout is key to retain interest – lots of white space … done!

6. Use visuals

Here’s one for you!
Done! Every blog post and newsletter item contains an image to liven things up. I’ve found Pixabay a wonderful source of free images, and I make sure to acknowledge the artist, as per below.

Photo credit: itsmeritesh on / CC BY-SA

How does your blogging rate? What other tips have you got to add to my six key takeaways for successful blogging?

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