Rope wedge sandals: picture prompt

Welcome back to the daily prompts. The second for the week, and I really did own a pair of these – in red.

Rope wedge sandals: picture prompt

‘Look, they fit me perfectly.’

I look, heeling the vacuum cleaner’s off switch, to see a familiar pair of shoes poised on the bottom step.

Three inch rope soles, black canvas with a satin ribbon tied around the ankles.

Their first time round the height of fashion when I bought them, matched with hipster jeans and a tie-dyed floaty top for the Fleetwood Mac concert he’d saved hard to treat me to. And afterwards – our first time. I was the same age she is now, and desperately in love with a boy who, soon after, broke my heart.

I swallow the speck of hurt still remaining, a memento to teenage angst.

‘Gosh, where did you find those?’

‘That old suitcase in the attic – the one with no wheels.’

‘Oh?’ My stomach drops. ‘That one?’

My 16-year-old grins at me, raises an eyebrow. ‘Yes, Mum, that one. The one with the diary.’

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