Rainbow’s Orange Poetry Book, Lily Lawson

Lily Lawson has recently been entertaining us with her brilliant kids’ poetry books but that doesn’t mean we’ve missed her poetry for grownups. So it’s a delight to see this latest release of a short but powerful collection in Rainbow’s Orange Poetry Book.

Orange book of poetry cover

This collection is a lovely tribute to poetry in Lily’s life.

I especially very much enjoyed the way many poems can be construed as being about people/a person or about poetry, giving us insights into the poet’s soul. 

Even a poem such as I Don’t Understand, which must be about a person, right? Yet … a little falling out with Poetry (capital P intended)? Hmm.  However the reader interprets the intent in these poems, they are all written with Lily’s usual word craft, and emotion without sentiment.

A short and satisfying read.

Find it here.

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