What’s your muse?

What’s your muse indeed!

‘Inspired’ by something that came up recently, I tracked down this post I wrote for Women Writers Women Books at the beginning of the year.

Inspiration is a word much bandied about by writers. There’s a good reason for this. We want to feel inspired to write, because then the words flow, snatched from the ether in alluring combinations. We feel like real writers. We feel, well, inspired!

Woman's head with ideas

But here’s a little secret. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes it’s a hard slog to put pen to paper, fingertips to keyboards, and those words insist on lounging at the back of our brains like a bunch of listless, couldn’t care less teenagers needing a boot up their backsides.

But what is this crucial thing called inspiration, and how do we get it? Read the article to find what I do. And to discover where it’s lead me, take a look at my books page.

I hope it helps, and would love to know what’s your muse, what gets you to the keyboard, or the pen and paper. Always looking for inspiration!

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