The Christmas Carousel K L Small

The Christmas Carousel is the second book in Small’s middle grade Brass Ring fantasy series and is as delightful as the first, which I much enjoyed although I’m rather far from the target market. We’re all kids at heart, right?

Cover of the christmas carousel

It’s Christmas, and we meet Rusty again, and Grandpa who gave him the magic brass ring which sends Rusty on magical adventures whenever he rides the carousel in the park. That ride is closed for winter, but when Rusty spots a small kiddies’ Christmas carousel in the shopping mall, he determines to ride all the animals, grateful he’s a whisker below the allowed height.

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But Rusty has to be careful with his money because he’s trying to save to buy gifts for his family, and especially for Grandpa whose mind tends to wander a lot these days.

In between shovelling snow to clear neighbours’ drives to earn money, Rusty manages to ride the different animals, each of which shows him a different aspect of Christmas. He learns a bit of history, but more than that he is forced to think about the true meaning of Christmas.

Rusty’s various adventures will thrill young readers, including his last adventure riding the donkey, which is very special indeed.

While this is a book for young readers to love, it’s highly suitable for parents to read to those who haven’t quite mastered the art yet. Lots of action, likeable characters, and a wholly satisfying ending. And another brilliant cover!

What’s next in the Brass Ring series, Ms Small? Look forward to it!  

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