Post #PitMad

Twitter is a great place for writers for all kinds of reasons. One of them is the quarterly pitch contests where you get to pitch your novel in the length of a tweet to agents and publishers during a 12 hour period. If one of these ‘likes’ your pitch it’s an invite to submit to them. Exhausting but exhilarating. There was a #PitMad last Thurs 3 Sept and I decided to double the mayhem and pitch both The Shanty Keeper’s Wife and Keepers – and I got a ‘like’ for each! So those submissions have been sent off – post haste! Now I wait…

Here are the pitches – as you can see, the initial one for Keepers was very popular with over 200 retweets.

Many thanks to all the twitter writers who are such great supporters of each other in this endeavour – beforehand in helping to refine pitches and on the day itself sitting glued to phones and screens for hours, retweeting pitches to give them more exposure, and catching up with who got a like from whom etc.

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