Mending Hearts R S Jonesee

With its heart warming story and whimsical holiday setting, Mending Hearts is a sweet, opposites attract romcom about learning to let go of the past and embracing the gift of new love. Some Santa matchmaking might appear.

It’s hard to keep up with this prolific writer, but every time she releases a new title I need to read it! Not my usual genre, but I love these sweet tales with their predictable endings and looping, twisting plots which make you seriously wonder how on earth are we going to get there? It’s all about the journey, and the path of true love is never easy, right?

Cover of Mending hearts

Mending Hearts, set at Christmas in the idyllic, friendly town of, well, Friendly, Indiana is no exception. Brielle cherishes the memory of her husband who passed away too young. To keep herself occupied she owns a gift shop where everything is heart shaped. She has her family’s love and support, and she’s doing okay.

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Atlas is a famous artist who, on a whim, buys a great big house just outside Friendly to turn it into a studio. He has demons of his own, mostly as a result of being raised (or not raised) by parents who are famous actors and – when at home – fought constantly. He’s sworn off commitment too. Atlas’ first meeting with Brielle doesn’t go so well, but it’s no time at all before hearts are beating harder on both sides.

As ever, Jonesee’s skill lies in her characterisation. We want these three-dimensional people to be happy, we urge them on, we want to wag our finger when they do something stupid. Her supporting cast is equally strong with friends and family realistically doing their thing to help the tale along. All this in a small-town Christmas setting straight out of mid 20th century mid west. Sigh.

I have to add that, as a magical realism author, I adored the touch of magic with the appearance of the match-making Santa. An extra special Christmassy touch.

Buy it for yourself, buy several more to tuck into friends’ Christmas stockings. Then curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy.  

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