A few readers have graciously said they would recommend Keepers to book clubs they know of. Fantastic! So I thought I would help out by providing a series of questions for clubs to kick off their discussion.

Always happy to respond to questions from book clubs and also visit and talk about Keepers if that’s feasible (or Zoom!) Contact me on [email protected] if you would like to do that.*

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What is the significance of the title, Keepers? Did you find it meaningful, why or why not?
Would you have given the book a different title? If yes, what would your title be?
What were the main themes of the book? How did Cheryl Burman bring those themes to life?
The book is set in 1949-1951 Australia. How important was the time period and the setting to the story? Did you think it was accurately portrayed?
What did you think of the switches in time during the course of the book?
People have different views about the ending of the book. Do you think the ending was the most satisfying, and why? If not, why not?
Did you think Raine was a relatable protagonist? What did you like/not like about her?
What would the main differences be for Raine, Teddy and Alf if the story was set in modern times?
Which location in the book would you most like to visit and why?
Were there any quotes (or passages) that stood out to you? Why?
What did you like most about the book? What did you like the least?
How did the book make you feel? What emotions did it evoke?
Did this book remind you of any other books you’ve read? Describe the connection.
Would you recommend the book to a friend? How would you summarize the story if you were to recommend it?
What burning question (s) would you want to ask the author?

* As I’m not an author seeking to make a living from writing, I don’t charge for such visits although I might ask for expenses if required.