The far off waves

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The far off waves

Gulls screech in the fresh morning air, diving for their breakfasts. Elisabeth stands at the water’s edge, eyes shaded against the golden brilliance of the rising sun. Her gaze goes far, to a place beyond the sun, to the far off waves of the Eastern seas.

Will he come today? Will it be today he meets for the first time his eight month old son? Will it be today she relaxes into his embrace, lays her cheek against his chest to inhale the brine of his long travels?

Will it be today he brings home silks and spices, sugar, ivory … riches meant to ease the pain of parting?

Elisabeth watches until the sun stands free of the horizon’s hold. A wind rises, blowing her undressed hair about her cheeks. She remembers she has children to see to, a household to run. She turns her back on the waves and walks the sands towards home. As she climbs the sea wall steps, she sees the shipping clerk’s boy at her door.

She calls. ‘Elijah! Is there news?’

He turns, sketches a bow. ‘Yes, madam.’ He hands her a parchment, the shipping line’s seal intact.

She tears it open with shaking hands.

This story birthed a part two, which you can find here.

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