She is falling

Welcome back to the daily prompts. The first for this week.

She is falling

Her heart races, pulse thudding. Through the silvery arch a pale blue sky beckons. He stands, framed in the opening. His mouth is open, speaking, but the words are pulled away by the wind and she hears nothing. He shakes his head and this she understands.

representation of mental health

She is failing.

Failing herself, her parents. Him.

She takes a shaky step forward.

He smiles, beckons.

A smile to give her strength. He is willing her on. He wants her, needs her to take another step.

And she is there, beside him. He lays his hand on her arm, another smile, a nod. His mouths shape the words, ‘Do you..?’

And she does.

Because she is falling. The air is a roar in her ears and she remembers.

She pulls the cord.

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