Legend of the Winged Lion – now out!

‘Cheryl Burman’s magic touch brings evil to life in a battle not all will survive. Relatable characters in a fantastical world drawn by the pen of an award-winning writer. The sympathetic Gweyr pulls you into her everyday world. Ilesse’s temptations keep you guessing if she will succumb. This is what can happen when dreams come true.’ Amazon review

Legend of the Winged Lion is available on Amazon (including paperback) here. The e-book is priced at 99c/p as an intro offer, until 11 March.

The fourth book in the Guardians of the Forest series, this prequel is a standalone but one which Guardians fans will love when they can say ‘Ah! Is that how it happened?’
For ages 9 and up – and up…

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A diamond tumbles into a chasm. Lightning arcs across a starlit sky. A forgotten Evil wakes.

The ebook is only 99c/p through to March 11. And once you’ve enjoyed the tale, don’t forget to leave a review! A sentence is all that’s needed. Thank you so much.