Keepers is #trending!

Not yet, but a girl can dream!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The reality however, is that I’m over the moon with how the story of Raine, Teddy and Alf is being received. Such lovely reviews on Amazon in the US, UK and Australia, and on Goodreads. Random emails too with those words which are music to an author’s ears: ‘I couldn’t put it down.’ And this also by email, from someone already halfway through, having started the book that day: ‘Huge congrats, friend. You are amazing.’

I was recorded for an interview today on local radio (Dean Community Radio) by the enthusiastic Jules Evans. Jules is a Grisham type fan and this was a new kind of book for her, which she found fascinating – how do you know where to start, she asked me? So I told her what’s on my Historical Fiction page: that I started with little snippets of family lore and let my overactive imagination run wild. She also asked me how I came up with so much detail, for example in the opening scene – the smells, the sounds, the wet sheet slapping at Raine’s face – and there I had to confess that when I’m writing a story or a book I see it all playing out in my head (I know I’m not alone here!), and I try my best to capture in words what’s on the ‘screen’ in front of me. When the right words come, it’s a joy. (And the other thing also!)

And in Keepers, it seems that, to some extent, the right words came. Thank you everybody for your enthusiasm for this story.

Here’s where you can find out how to get your copy.