Having a very nice week…

It’s like there’s a conspiracy to cheer me up. First, a lovely twitter friend in Aus sent me a ‘swag pack’ (her words) including chocolate and alcohol, so what could go wrong?? A local friend sent me a bunch of flowers as a thank you for editing her book (and giving her LOTS to do :D).

Yesterday I had the privilege of being invited by a local school to share their royal visit! HRH the Princess Royal came to the Forest to Lydbrook Primary School and was rightly impressed all round. I was there under my Dean Scribblers banner as had helped organise and run history and writing workshops last year. A thrill that they wanted me there.

Now today another twitter mate has pulled me from her hat to send me a pack of goodies as a lead up to the launch of her debut novel – which I’ll be sure to make a fuss about when it comes out. Go and follow @louwrites

And thank you to you all!

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