Writing prompt: Where did Jamie go?

Today’s writing prompt and my response.

Where did Jamie go?

‘Always missing, that kid.’  Mrs Wilson grumbled her way to the front door, pulled it open and shouted into the darkening street.

‘Jamie! Get in here so I can tan your hide, again.’

I sat on the kitchen bar stool, dangling my short legs towards the floor, elbows on the bench.

It was all I could do not to giggle out loud. I knew where Jamie had gone, but I had promised, crossed my heart and hoped to die, never to tell.

The Fairy Queen made me promise, her long pale finger pressed to her blood red lips. Red gold hair, lit by the dying sun, fell about her white face, past her shoulders.

‘Our secret,’ she whispered. Her green gaze held me, spellbound. ‘Tomorrow, I’ll come for you. Be here.’

I blinked my assurance, and when I opened my eyes, she and Jamie were gone. Pouf! Magicked away to the grating squeal of the garden gate.

In the doorway, Mrs Wilson huffed and puffed. ‘If I have to come out there, it’s only going to be worse for you, Jamie. I’m warning you for the last time.’

No good screaming into the night, Mrs Wilson. Jamie’s gone, as he always said he would.

I never thought he’d really do it, didn’t think he had the gumption. But when the Fairy Queen turned up just as dusk was settling in and Jamie was mumbling about not wanting to go home … well, he had to go with her, didn’t he, despite that odd look in his eyes. Almost like he was scared … no, Jamie’s scared of nothing.

I snorted a laugh. Mrs Wilson strode back into the kitchen. ‘What’s funny? Do you know where the little blighter’s hiding?’

I shook my head, twisted my mouth to serious setting. Inside I hugged myself with glee. She’d never find him. And I was never telling. Tomorrow it was my turn.

Turned out this story went until 31 January… so if you want to find out what happened next, follow the next few prompts.

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