‘There’ll be plenty more …’

Today’s writing prompt and my response.

Third day of this week’s challenge! The story starts here.
‘There’ll be plenty more before this is over.

The cracks in her porcelain skin showed she must have been around for years. An early model, perhaps, when they still made them from porcelain, not plastic. He himself was a plastic version, among the last to be made before everything went belly up.

‘They’re destroying us, out there.’ She nodded towards the hidden entrance. ‘No mercy. ’

‘I know, and there’ll be plenty more before this is over.’ His stomach sickened at the thought. Would it ever be over? ‘Where have you been up ’til now?’

‘Random places, at first. And then I found a group of us … but they came, took everyone away.’

‘Except you?’ Another sickening thought. Had she been turned? It happened a lot. He raised the knife again. ‘Why did you get away?’

Her dark eyes widened. ‘You mean how, not why. Let me tell you, and see if you can trust me then.’

He gave a sharp nod. ‘Try me.’

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