Keepers makeover – love this new cover

I decided Keepers needed a makeover – a new cover (and blurb) to better reflect that this is a story about a young woman learning to cope in a changing world. Raine, who is not quite 18 when her story starts, faces many challenges. For starters, having to live on a post World War 2 migrant camp in a sprawling flat Australian suburb doesn’t help her longing to be back in the countryside where she grew up. In those days, her greatest fear was that Father Christmas had kidnapped her darling Pop (because, from her hiding place under the school desk she could see the white-bearded scary old man was wearing Pop’s shoes!).

Now Raine has far greater fears, and the fates are not looking kindly on her.

When life thwarts dream after dream, it takes obstinate courage to determine a course for happiness

In post war Australia, Raine dreams of making something of herself. But those dreams are shattered when she falls pregnant to the volatile Teddy.
At first the hasty marriage works. Teddy dotes on his son and labours hard to keep his family.
Then he abandons her.
Her grief spiced with fury, Raine’s struggle to cope is made harder when she discovers she’s bearing their second child.
But Raine learns she has choices. It’s up to her to set her and her children’s future.
Her baby’s nearly due, but Raine sets out on a punishing journey to face the truth. And make the most important decision of her life.

Cover design by Rue Sparks. Their creativity and skills are wonderful.

Keepers has received five star reviews from readers in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. It’s a ‘gentle, heart tugging tale, beautifully told’, which ‘immerses the reader in its world’. Lovely words.

You can find Raine here. Do enjoy the Keepers makeover and the story! (And if you do, please leave a review – they are so important to us indie authors who have to do all our own marketing – thank you)