Great opportunity for avid e-book readers!

Likely I should have had a more detailed plan before now, but hey … we’ll get there! But what I’m enjoying (mostly) is the challenge of discovering how to do things like send e-books of Keepers to potential reviewers.

Photo credit: mobilyazilar on Visualhunt / CC BY

Thank you to Story Origin for being there for authors – and what a great opportunity for avid readers. Free books and supporting indie authors as well.

The other fun thing is creating banners etc for the book. Here’s what I posted on twitter todday, created with BookBrush.

Next on my list is finalising the cover and formatting for both hard copy and e-books, and then – cover release! Lots more news and other good stuff in my newsletter, next one coming early February. Sign up here to be in with a chance of a free paperback of Keepers.

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