Dog with woman and child picture prompt

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I lounged on the riverbank, basking in the evening cool and taking in the tranquil scene. The heat had been stifling all day, not a breath of wind, and I’d been glad to come to the river to cool down. Thermos of iced tea in my bag, a rug and a book, I had lain on my stomach idly turning pages and half taking in the frolics of the family sharing my space.

They’d arrived in a well-used rowing boat, which the father secured to an overhanging branch. He’d paddled in the shallow water, play-splashing the little boy who couldn’t have been more than three years old. Cute kid, laughing, splashing back. His mother held onto one hand to stop him tumbling in completely. Their dog had run amok, barking happily, prancing in self-made waves.

woman with child and dog in a river

I had sneaked glances from my zoology book –studying for an exam – to smile, although, to be frank, the green-eyed monster of jealousy edged the honest joy I felt for their happiness.

Once, I might have been that mum, the handsome laughing dad might have belonged to me, and the child … I shoved the memories back in their box and returned to my study of the predatory habits of freshwater crocodiles. Zoology exam loomed for my mature degree.

It wasn’t until the setting sun threw shadows across the pages dark enough to make it hard for my old eyes to concentrate, that I noticed the family again. The father stood further down the shore on a small wooden pier, fishing rod in hand. The mother sat in the stern of the boat, feet dangling, still holding her paddling child’s hand.

But their carefree happiness was stalled. The dog was the clue – further out into the river, staring across the bland water, whole body alert. Mother and child followed the dog’s sight …

My gaze dropped to my book … predators … my heart thumped. Scrambling up, I shouted, waved my hands …

The dog began barking furiously.

From the water in front of the distraught animal, a shape rose, silently – lifted its hand in greeting, removed its snorkel and called, ‘Hi, Beth, hi little Amy, fancy seeing you here!’

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3 thoughts on “Dog with woman and child picture prompt”

  1. Feet dangling in the water from her perch on the stern of the old rowing boat, Suzanne gently held the hand of her son Thomas and followed the gaze of their pet dog Fido across the still lake waters.
    It was a gorgeous summer’s day with not a breath of wind and Suzanne revelled in the stillness, the peace, the quiet.
    Not many days like this, she thought. Usually a westerly breeze whipped up the surface into little waves that crashed the shore, stirring the senses.
    Today was different – almost eerie in its calmness. The setting sun peeped from behind the pine trees on the far side of the lake as it continued its downward journey to evening.
    Even Fido was overcome by the stillness. Normally, he would be jumping about splashing happily in the waves. But not now. Now he was just standing, head cocked, listening for Suzanne knew not what.
    A wonderful sunset to finish off a marvellous day, thought Suzanne. However, darkness will descend soon and we must away. I have to prepare dinner for Thomas and the rest of the family.
    She was about to move when something in the water caught her attention. Fido had noticed it, too, and even Thomas was peering.
    What can it be? Maybe a large fish. After all, there were plenty in the lake as her husband was fond of reminding her.
    Looked a bit too big for a fish, though. Must be – nothing else lived in these waters.
    Fido began to growl, then suddenly broke into full blown barks.
    Suzanne suddenly realised what it was and, grabbing Thomas, raced for the bank – Fido hot on her heels.
    She turned around just in time to see a crocodile’s jaws lunge for the dog, missing it by inches.
    Fido yelped before joining them terrified on the grassy verge. Clutching Thomas tightly, Suzanne bolted for the road, not wanting to give the beast a second chance.
    How on earth had a crocodile got into the lake, she wondered, as reaching their car, she dialled 000.

    1. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in a bad mood, although even then neither the dog nor the kiddie could have been eaten.. maybe the mum or the dad LOL

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