Luck of the Irish Cozy Mystery Anthology

A great way to support a worthy charity.

The authors of these short cosy mystery stories have done a wonderful deed in this anthology to raise money for the children’s charity RAICES Texas, which seeks to help interned children.

As expected from the title, the stories are all Irish themed, with leprechauns, Saint Patrick’s Day, lucky coins, green beer and gold featuring across the tales, all of which entertain and amuse. Oh, and there are snakes – or vermin eaters as we prefer to call them because there are no snakes in Ireland…

Find it here.

I imagine it’s difficult to write a complete cosy mystery in a short story. My reading experience suggests they need significant build-up, with red herrings galore and some time keeping the reader in suspense until all is satisfactorily resolved. These authors have had to pack the same punch into very much reduced word counts, and (top) hats off to them for pulling it off so successfully.

In addition to the charming stories, there are two lovely bonuses. One is the beautiful formatting with the gorgeous roundels. The other is a collection of traditional Irish recipes for you to try out. I will be giving those a closer look.

But the biggest bonus is that purchasing the book will help some very needy children.

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