What are Beta readers and why do you need them?

Image of three glamorous women

For readers too – in case you’re asked to be a Beta reader

I was thrilled to be asked by Robert Baker of The Romance Bloke to write an article for his Expert Opinion page about Beta readers.

Nice to be considered an expert! I had my own views on these helpful people who read your novel before it’s published, to tell you whether readers will love or hate it. I had used them for Keepers and will use them for my current project when it’s at that stage. Some research helped fill out the corners. Most fun was searching Pixabay for suitable images. As someone commented, this image shows some very glamorous Beta readers. My writing group all look exactly like this, of course.

The post proved very popular on twitter and I was told it was also helpful. So here is the link so you can read it for yourself.

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