Welcome! I’m Cheryl Burman, an author originally from Australia and now living in Gloucestershire. I’m especially lucky to call home the beautiful Forest of Dean where the landscape, the creatures and the people have inspired writers for hundreds of years. You can read more about that here at Reading the Forest

In 2010 the people told the government of the day they couldn’t sell off England’s public forests as they planned to do. It was that fight which sowed the seeds of the fantasy tale which became my first book(s) The Danae of the Forest trilogy, now thoroughly overhauled and released as The Guardians of The Forest trilogy – find out more here.

(The dog, on whose behalf we needed to save the Forest, has his own book Sammy’s Walks Dog Walks in The Forest of Dean – read about that here.)

Once I started writing I couldn’t stop. Now I’m a member of Dean Writers Circle which has been going for over 40 years and has produced some famous authors in its time. I’m also a founder of Dean Scribblers, a small group of volunteers whose aim is to encourage the creative writing spark in young people in our community. Spending time with kids in classrooms is brilliant, and we’ve seen some imaginative and emotive work from 10 and 11 year olds and younger. And very recently I’ve become involved with a group of generous writers from the Twitter #writingcommunity launching the Write Cohort – making new writing friends all over the world and supporting each other.

On this site you can discover my writing with excerpts from my published fantasy books, my historical works in progress and a collection of short stories. You can also find out what I like to read myself.
My blog has news and some useful technical pointers on writing which I steal from other people (acknowledged of course!). Writing is both an art and a craft and learning how to make your work as readable as possible takes effort – at least that’s what I’ve found!

Contact me on chrburman@gmail.com